Here at Six Valley Lamb, we’ve just drilled 100 acres of stubble turnips across Yorkshire, from Holderness to the Wolds. They’re already coming along nicely!

Stubble turnips are ideal for fattening lambs – a great source of palatable, easy to digest fodder. Quick to establish and with good levels of protein, we aim to fatten lambs in the winter with ours and also to provide post-Christmas feed for ewes in mid to late pregnancy.

Advantages of growing stubble turnips:

  • Fast growing catch crop
  • Autumn or winter feed
  • Finishing lambs
  • Economical to grow, in terms of cost to feed and fatten livestock
  • Flexible sowing options to fit into rotation
  • Helps reduce winter feed costs

We used the Supermaxx to cultivate followed by the Greenmaster for sowing the turnips and consolidating.

For more information about the Supermaxx and the Greenmaster, head over to the specialist machinery page on the Smithy Briggs website.

To find out more about the contracting services that we offer to manage fodder/cover crops, don’t hesitate to get in touch – all our details can be found in the contact us section.