At Six Valley Lamb, we manage various types of grassland – from permanent pastures to arable leys.

Well managed grassland will provide cost-effective, quality feed for livestock. Effective management begins with the soil, with the impact felt by the consumer in the eating quality of the final product. As multiple farms find themselves under further pressure to reduce costs and maximise outputs, efficient grass land management will have a vital role in maximising feed quality and improving growth rates of livestock.

We aim for farmers and landowners to also benefit from the advantages of utilising high-quality forage crops and various grazing systems whilst simultaneously satisfying cross compliance requirements and decreasing environmental impact.

In relation to permanent pastures, we manage grassland for environmental schemes, as well as leys in arable rotation for farmers that want to improve soil structure and biology.

We are also able to offer contacting services, in collaboration with Smithy Briggs Hay & Straw, to mechanically manage grassland and cover/fodder crops across East and North Yorkshire.