In an effort to move towards a lower input system, Six Valley Lamb have been looking at breeds suited to outdoor lambing, selected for maternal traits, survive ability, ease of lambing and a target scanning percentage of 175%.

We have chosen to work with two breeds of sheep – the Easy Care and the Romney – with the intention of producing supermarket spec lamb, as efficiently as possible.

The Easy Care sheep are suited to a more extensive system; they shed their fleeces in summer and barely require assistance lambing. With excellent maternal instincts and reduced need for veterinary care, the sheep require less handling whilst also offering admirable meat yields and lambing ratios.

The Romneys are extremely adaptable and effective foragers, spreading out to graze equally over land. The ewes are hardy with good maternal instincts, renowned for a resistance to disease and worms.


For our own replacements and our own internal flock, we use pure Romney and pure Exlana tups.

For our commercial flock, we select terminal sires with a focus on meat production, as seen below.

Maternal Sires
Terminal Sires


Our aim is to finish lambs to supermarket spec as efficiently as possible, in a low input system requiring less labour and handling.

We’re aiming for consistency – to meet market demand by carefully considering genetics, feeding, quantity of lambs and health planning.