Six Valley lamb are able to work alongside you to select and establish cover / fodder crops to suit farm and soil type, as well as utilising and adding value to them through sheep grazing. We also have specialist machinery to do this work, in association with Smithy Briggs.

There are multiple benefits of growing a fodder/cover crop. It can aid to improve soil quality, provide a nitrogen boost and potentially reduce weeds and pests for the following crop.

It can also alleviate the pressure on some herbicides, reducing fertiliser costs, whilst increasing the organic matter content and structure of the soil. Cover crops also protect the land from soil and nutrient loss, opening up the soil through root action – improving both moisture and nutrient retention.

Future agricultural policy is likely to encourage farmers to work in a cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly way to maintain soils and biodiversity – this may encourage the introduction of fodder/cover crops to meet these requirements.