Six Valley Lamb is a commercial sheep enterprise, working across Yorkshire in collaboration with farmers and landowners. As a business we are working with farmers to optimise grass production, either permanent pasture or arable ley. Together we can select and establish cover/fodder crops to suit farm and soil type, as well as utilising them through sheep grazing. The original collaboration is between former College friends Adam Palmer of AB Megginson (Farmers) at Thixendale near Malton and Peter Caley of Smithy Briggs Hay & Straw at Burton Constable near Hull. Six Valley Lamb now operates over a number of farms managing stewardship land and more frequently grazing arable leys and cover crops

Our Flock

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What we offer

At Six Valley Lamb we work with farmers and landowners in many different ways.
Management of Grass Land
We will manage some grazing land...
Utilising Cover and Forage Crops
Reduce the reliance on chemicals and use livestock to graze off your cover crops
Establishing Cover and Forage Crops

The Team

Meet the Six Valley Lamb team.
Adam Palmer
Adam Palmer


With a background on the Yorkshire Wolds etc etc

    Peter Caley
    Peter Caley


    Background in Holderness etc

      Robert Cooper
      Robert Cooper


        North Breckenholme Farm Thixendale, Malton
        E-mail: info@sixvalleylamb.co.uk Phone: 01759 361554